creating plugins

Though I do not want to reinvent the wheel, it piques my interest to improve known mechanics. Just take a look - feedback welcome ;)

running around

Everyday life: Coffee, forms, microsites, daffy functions. To realize my own ideas I started to create this page. I hope you enjoy it.

solving problems

Doesn't it excite us to solve unusual problems? Beside daily grind's drabness it's the perfect diversion. So allow full bent!

PluginsI just couldn't get enough



Enhance your website by fancy effects based on the user's scroll index. Pop-in, pop-out, sliding, sticky notes and much more. The plugin supports mobile devices and eldered browsers.

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Nowadays almost every "fresh" page looks the (s)hame: One page, very content, much scroll. So even though you really hate usability, enhance your design patters by using customer-orientated plugins like this.

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EsKju's LazyLoading is a tool for loading content just in time in a Facebook-similar style.

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EsKju's LazyImage is a tool for fading images once loaded.

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